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Gunz Private Server Hack

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Gunz Private Server Hack

Post by aepinus on Thu Jan 14, 2010 8:32 pm

***********Update Log***********
Auto Update : Un-Bugged (Not Fixed)
New Feature : Room Rape
-Auto Quest - Bugged**************
-51 Hack Commands***************
-10 Console Commands*************
-Alt + F1 Change the current medicine
-Alt + F2 Medicate the last attacker
-Alt + F3 Medicate the entire room
-Alt + F5 Ninja Jump
-Alt + F7 Infinite Block
-Alt + F8 Sword Crosshair
-Alt + F9 Inertialess Drive
-Alt + 1 Anchor
-Alt + 2 Follow the last attacker
-Alt + 3 Return to channel
-Alt + 4 Hck-Gaming Wings
-Alt + 5 Dash Vortex
-Alt + 6 Circle Vortex (Slowest)
-Alt + 7 Circle Vortex (Medium)
-Alt + 8 Circle Vortex (Fastest)
-Alt + 9 Wheel vortex
-Alt + B See Thru Walls
-Alt + C My character info
-Alt + D Change the Dll speed
-Alt + E Name ESP
-Alt + F Flipmower
-Alt + G Godmode
-Alt + H This help menu
-Alt + I Hide/show the console
-Alt + J Hck-Gaming Room Raper ID
-Alt + K Hck-Gaming Room Raper
-Alt + L Lawnmower
-Alt + M Insane Massives
-Alt + N Switch teams
-Alt + O Hck-Gaming Disconnecter
-Alt + P Power Level the last attacker
-Alt + Q Safeguard
-Alt + S Speed Hack.
-Alt + T Medicator
-Alt + U Last attacker
-Alt + V Bot the last attacker
-Alt + W Wall Hack
-Alt + X Exit Hck-Gaming.Dll
-Alt + Y Reload Spam
-Alt + Z Bot the entire room
-Del Return to stage
-End Teleport to the saved position
-Home Medicine Hat
-Insert Save current position
-Page Down Last attacker Medicine Hat
-Page Up Room-wide Medicine Hat
-Numpad * N-Step out
-Numpad - Rejoin the game
Instantly rejoins the game.
-Numpad + N-Step in
-Numpad 0 Spawn a mega medicine cube
-Numpad 1 Spawn a small medicine cube
-Numpad 2 Spawn a 2 headed medicine snake
-Numpad 3 Go down
-Numpad 4 Spawn a medium medicine cube
-Numpad 5 Penwrite
-Numpad 6 Level down
-Numpad 7 Spawn a large medicine cube
-Numpad 8 Level up
-Numpad 9 Go up
Auto Updater (Bugged)***********
The Auto Updater, Is Currently Disabled. The Reason For This Is Because
Its Not Redirecting And Dowloading The Latest Version To The Desktop.
Im Working On This Bug. Other Than That I Will Make A New Thread With
The Updation. That Will Keep You Updated. Sorry Guys But Us Lazy People
Will Have To Become Un-Lazy.
*******Future Updates**********
Super AFK Bot
PM Spammer To Everyone
Go Into Locked Rooms
Control People
1.) Unrar The Hack From The Compressed Package (.Rar).
2.) Put Both .Dlls Into The Gunz Folder (D3D9.Dll // lol.dll)
3.) Run The Private Server
4.) Enjoy The Hack

donload link:
Download Link:::
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Credits to:::

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Re: Gunz Private Server Hack

Post by mishl4976 on Sat Aug 20, 2011 4:06 am

man the link isnt good

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