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PS Frisbee & Ball Trophie Hack

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PS Frisbee & Ball Trophie Hack

Post by albie4short on Thu Dec 31, 2009 8:37 pm

[font=Comic Sans Ms]PS Going back to the issues which is what brings us together this time, I will leave a nice hack to get enough Paw Points and also, the gold trophy of the ball and Frisbee. This hack lo hize because people asked me for my other blog (HackiandoFacebook, aunqeu only help), but it never came out and outdated version of October, I leave it here. It is only for those dead who can not get the trophies. I will not let the rope because of those and remove 50 million.

-Cheat Engine 5.5
-Mozilla Firefox or Flock Browser
-Flash Player 9.r124

Step 01: We played once with the ball or Frisbee
Step 02: Open the Cheat Engine, in PROCCARA select our browser, change 4 bytes per A or B and mark asroma.
Step 03: Copy the Hex 83C0018BD18B4F548975F08945 and First Scan
Step 04: The only result we give Dissamble This Reggion Memory. We'll see the line "add eax 01"
Step 05: This you double click and change to "add eax 100". We Ok
Step 06: Let's play ball and Sopresa! for each blow will give us 256, these


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Re: PS Frisbee & Ball Trophie Hack

Post by dyordzkie on Tue Mar 02, 2010 6:21 pm

thx d2

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