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How to knife like a PRO!

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How to knife like a PRO!

Post by rockerking on Sat Feb 27, 2010 11:03 am


MAY KASABIHAN NGA"Knives are easy to hide. They don't jam,
and they never run out of bullets. They come in handy when you want to
do some close contact work." - The Butcher, Wanted


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bagu tayu magsimula
, you must learn the golden rule of knifing which is this:

Timing Is

Once you get a feel for the time it
takes to run at your opponent, the time it takes to complete one slash
after left-clicking, the time it takes to do a 180° turn to face your
opponent after your first encounter, etc, you will


Knife Vs. Knife
The best way to knife someone who is
also knifing (as in knife battles) is to begin by running straight at
them. Wait to click your left mouse button until you are just about to
collide with the enemy. Knifing too early will result in an early and
unfortunate death, as the opposing player will wait just before he/she
collides with you. You will also have to try different techniques to
miss your opponents' slashes if you are both using this method. You will
understand more once you participate in enough knife fights. Make sure
you keep your opponent in view as much as possible, otherwise you'll
have a knife forcefully inserted into your vertebrae.

Knife vs. Sniper
If you are far away from the sniper
and plan to kill with your M9, run in a zig-zag pattern but maintain a
more or less straight run towards him/her.

Once you are up close and personal with the sniper, don't waste any time
slicing and dicing. Snipers have a nasty tendency to pull a trick lag
shot out of their rifles right before you're about to finish them off.
Lessen the likelihood of being "one shot killed" by staying behind the
sniper and aim towards the head/torso. If you do not stay on the flank,
he/she may very well resort to no-scoping you. Snipers are the easiest
projectile weapon opponents. Be prepared for a loss however, because lag
can make your opponents shoot you even when it appears you're not in
front of their rifle.

Knife vs. Auto Reloading
Run at your opponent, and aim for the
chest and head. Do not allow your opponent to put distance between you
and him/her. Knife without mercy. Do not panic or your reaction time
will dull and your knife blows will not hit your desired target points.
The more blows you get before the enemy moves away, the faster and more
likely you are to committing a knife kill.

Knife vs. Pistols
The most dangerous to face are the
Beretta and M945 because they have a high magazine capacity. Another
pistol to be concerned about is the desert eagle because it packs a
punch of about 50 HP per hit. Remember to close the distance of your
opponent. Snipers and Pistol users usually count on long and medium
distances, respectfully, to kill the enemy; with exception to close
combat sniping. If you're facing a Glock23 or MR-73, relax and tease
them a little bit like a cat about to decapitate a mouse.

Knife vs. Shotguns
Be wary of Desperados and Benellis
because they have a faster rate of fire than Remingtons. With
Remingtons, try to stay in sync with rearm times so you know when your
opponent is about to pull the trigger and in turn jump out of the way in
time. Remember, just two well placed blows to the head/torso can easily
knock him/her dead.


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Re: How to knife like a PRO!

Post by frekz215 on Sat Feb 27, 2010 12:29 pm

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